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 [RS] Inhale Exhale - Discography

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The Lost, The Sick, The Sacred (2006)

1. Redemption
2. By Grace
3. Frailed Dreams and Rude Awakenings
4. Dance All Night
5. A Call to the Faithful
6. Touch of Deception
7. Your Wall...My Words
8. Tonight We Die Together
9. Sons of Tomorrow (To Noah James)
10. Rose Among the Ashes
11. The Lost, The Sick, The Sacred

I Swear... (2008)

1. I Needed a Spaceship (Instead I Got Problems)
2. It's Myself Vs.Being a Man
3. Impatient Will Suffer, The
4. Is the Fact That I'm Trying To Do It, Doing It For You?
5. I Live the Bad Life You Make It Worse
6. No One is Invincible
7. Words That We Have Chosen, The
8. Drink till We Drop
9. I'll Die With No Friends and a Grin On My Face
10. Fluvanna
11. Knowledge=Priceless

Because I cannot keep with the career of every artist that I upload, if this artist releases a new album, please PM me about it and I will post it here.
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[RS] Inhale Exhale - Discography
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