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 Howard Stern Radio Show: Sirius XM, FM, HTVOD & E! Shows

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PostSubyek: Howard Stern Radio Show: Sirius XM, FM, HTVOD & E! Shows   Fri Jul 10, 2009 4:40 pm

Howard Stern Radio Show - 07-09-09

History of Howard Stern 2 replay. Lay-Z Tim.

As always thanks to the original rippers/editors!

The History Of Howard Stern: Act II - Day 9.

* Black History And Ted The Janitor.6:00am
* Steven Tyler Interview. 6:20am
* Richard Belzer And Richard Lewis. 6:30am
* Joan Rivers. 6:45am
* The Evolution Of Marge Schott. 7:10am
* Music Performances. 7:25am
* Kinison And Gottfried. 7:50am
* Philly Funeral Part 1. 8:05am
* The Philly Funeral Part 2. 8:55am
* The Jessica Hahn Bathtub Incident. 9:10am
* WWOR TV Show Deal. 9:35am
* The Angela Bowie Interview On Joan Rivers' Show. 9:40am
* Stuttering John Interviews Ted Williams. 9:50am
* More Richard Simmons. 10:00am
* The Wack Pack Is Born. 10:10am

Commercial Free

80k CF fetalsludge

All links mirrored at ~SPAM~

Various H100/H101 Shows and other Misc clips, uploads, etc

Dante Show H101 Special

Jay Thomas

Jason Ellis (thanks to bill/mank,

Ferrall (thanks to bill, and fafa)

Classic Rewind (see below for rundowns)
Rosebud's Best of Stern Volume 11

1. Gilbert Gottfriend and the News
September, 1996 (20:37)
2. Captain Janks' Chuck
Woolery Call (7:33)
3. Gilbert and News, p. 2 (16:01)
4. Woolery Followup. (10:21)
5. Gilbert and News, P. 3 (19:10)

Rosebud's Best of Stern Volume 12

1. The Munsters and Mr. Ed (7:15)
2. Gilbert Gottfriend & Daughter (9:01)
3. Lost In Space 1990 (5:03)
4. Alma, Turn Up Your Radio (5:03)
5. Al Michaels, part one (6:06)
6. Al Michaels, part 2 (7:52)
7. Al Michaels, part 3 (6:33)
8. Al Michaels, part 4 (7:30)
9. Al Michaels, part 5 (5:19)
10. Al Michaels, part 6 (6:31)
11. Fun With Flies (5:38)

Adam Carolla Podcast with with Teresa
download daily from

The Best Of Stern. 6/29/99.
* ''My Radio '' song parody
* Jackie tells a joke
* ''The Singing Stern Family'' commercial parody
* Keith Tibedeau (Little Ricky on ''I Love Lucy'') phone call
* Steve Grillo interviews black people about the OJ Simpson trial
* Chuck Zito/James Caan interview replay from 6/23/99
* Ball Buster game parody
* Howard yells at Stuttering John for taking advantage of Howard's name to make money
* ''I Want More Howard Stern'' song
* Howard discusses how cheesy it is for Jackie to sell his Jokeland junk.

The Best Of Stern. 6/30/99.
* ''My Name Is.. Fred, Eric'' song parody
* Riley Martin angry voice mail message
* ''Single Yellow Female'' movie parody
* Howard talks to Melissa, the woman who got it on with her future mother-in-law
* Jay Leno calls in after Howard's first appearance on the new Tonight Show
* Gary plays a practical joke on Stuttering John by firing him
* Howard reads Tom Chiusano's poorly written memo on the air
* Sixth grade teacher Mrs. Kaivano corrects Tom's memo on the air the next day
* Wheelchair bound listener calls in to complain about Howard's show
* Stuttering John interviews Billy Crystal for the second time
* Richard Lewis calls in during John's Billy Crystal interview tape

-- Thursday December 11, 2003 --
* Various TV Show Discussions And More. 12/11/03. 6:00am
* More Billboard Award Discussions. 12/11/03. 6:40am
* Grammy Crasher Sixx Calls In. 12/11/03. 7:20am
* Howard Plays Various Tapes. 12/11/03. 7:30am
* The Hollyweird Squares Game. 12/11/03. 8:10am
* Hollyweird Squares Part 2. 12/11/03. 8:35am
* Hollyweird Squares Final Segment. 12/11/03. 9:40am

Bubba FM/Sirius show posted at the thebubbadaily

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Please kindly download this small 6 meg file as a FREE RS user. Thanks!
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Howard Stern Radio Show: Sirius XM, FM, HTVOD & E! Shows
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