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 Darren Hayes - We Are Smug

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PostSubyek: Darren Hayes - We Are Smug   Fri Jul 10, 2009 4:25 pm

As Darren's birthday present to his fans he has released for free an album he and his friend were working on

Quote :
I've been recording a secret side project album with my long term co
writer and collaborator Robert Conley over the past 2 years. It was
finished and mixed in December last year and just last week the album
was mastered.

It's a band we call 'We Are Smug'. Robert and I share lead vocal and
songwriting duties on everything, and up until this second, we haven't
spoken a word of it to anyone outside of our circle of friends.

But today, on my birthday, we've decided it's release day and you can download it for free.

This is not the direction of my next album, nor is 'free' the new
price for my music. This is just something I am doing because I can.

While you're digesting this, I'm hard at work on songs for a brand new
studio album for next year. It's a big ' off' pop record. POP
with a capital P if you will. You better have high expectations.

In the meantime, enjoy being Smug.
And Happy Birthday.

We Are Smug

1 Look what we started
2 Words that I can't say
3 Hot Tub Blues
4 Good Dress
5 ~love~ on the Radio
6 Tear it up
7 Never be the same
8 Watching me watching you
9 Fire it up
10 The Pressure

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Darren Hayes - We Are Smug
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