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 [RS.COM] Best calm music -> 2 GB and counting

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PostSubyek: [RS.COM] Best calm music -> 2 GB and counting   Fri Jul 10, 2009 4:03 pm

This is a compilation of all the best calm music I found at warez-bb.

All this albuns were originally posted in warez-bb for other uploaders so I'll give them credits to.

My idea is to update this daily with new albuns but my crappy internet upload speed may prevent me for that.

So far 2 GB was uploaded for this topic, and i wasted 15 hours doing it. :P

This is not music, this are sounds of nature, like rain, storms, bird... these are perfect for relaxation or sleeping.

Echoes of Nature: The Natural Sounds of the Wilderness
originally posted by anonx (thank you very much)

These are 10 full albums, so each one is a link. This way you could download just one, or them all.

Echoes of Nature: Rainforest

Echoes of Nature: Bayou

Echoes of Nature: Jungle Talk
Echoes of Nature: Wilderness River

Echoes of Nature: Sampler

Echoes of Nature: American Wilds

Echoes of Nature: Ocean Waves

Echoes of Nature: Morning Songbirds

Echoes of Nature: Thunderstorm

Echoes of Nature: Frog Chorus

Sounds of Nature - Relaxation with Caribean Sounds


Chill out
This is the type of music you wanna hear when you're tired and need some good vibes to take you back to a good mood. Perfect to hear when you're working at the pc.

Asian Chill - 3 cds
originally posted by exu156 (thank you for this great album)

Artist.....: VA
Album......: Asian Chill
Type.......: Compilation
Genre......: Ambient
Style......: Chillout
Label......: Global Beats
CatalogNr..: GBLTCD
Url........: n/a 14.01.2007 10.11.2006
Source.....: CDDA
Grabber....: EAC 0.95 beta 3
Encoder....: Lame 3.97.1 --APS
Quality....: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Tracks.....: 30
Size.......: 184,55 MB
Length.....: CD1: 54:53 CD2: 51:32 CD3: 46:24

track list wrote:

01. Blood & Fire - Tabla Rise (Earth Moon Mix) 06:16
02. Cheb Basle - Sweet Dreams (My Life Mix) 04:18
03. Mantra - Moonsoon 05:16
04. Safras - Asian Summer (Sitra Mix) 03:47
05. Ti.Ra. - Storms (Addict Mix) 06:21
06. Nu Soulusta - A Karma Life 03:59
07. Aerial - Love Faze (Fazing Mix) 04:42
08. Nurai Lita - Kafez 06:24
09. Chillmakers - Asian Beauty 06:37
10. Kalila - Hafla 06:13


01. Sutra Rhythms - Vision Of Zen (Original Mix) 05:44
02. Savanj Rooms - The Groove You Liked (Mala Dub) 05:31
03. Kolonia - Treva Cool (Smoke Mix) 05:36
04. The Waves - Along The River (Original Mix) 03:53
05. Abhay NabosiI - Rebirth (New Begining Dub) 04:34
06. Karma Visions - Pure Thought (Calm Mix) 04:29
07. Eastern Tree - Wave Of Dreams 05:04
08. Naava - Pure Land (Manna Mix) 05:41
09. Idris - Kiss Of Life (Future Mix) 04:42
10. Tariq - Spiritual Signs (Light Mix) 05:18


01. Eastern Awakening - Eastern Awakening 04:56
02. Ravista - Oebital Senses (Loop Mix) 04:23
03. Exile - Resolution (Dub Mix) 03:50
04. Bengali Celt - Sands Of Time 04:40
05. Native American Dream - Native American Dream 05:32
06. Nusa Dua - Drums Of Changes 06:09
07. Silur - Hedonist (Wishing Stone Mix) 03:48
08. Essence - Lifeblood (Buddha Mix) 04:37
09. Leda G - Full Moon (Sitra Mix) 04:01
10. Cool Desert - Time of Sands (Remix) 04:28

Total Time:151:49


Yoga Chill Volume One
originaly posted by amin WBB lover (cheers :worship: )

info wrote:
Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Yoga Chill Vol. 1
Year Of Release: 2007
Genre: Lo-Fi
Quality/Bitrate: mp3 / VBR kbps
Total Time: 157 min.
Total Size: 225 Mb

tracklist wrote:
CD 1
01 Miyagi - Jangsekiang Morning
02 Bobby Tamari - Tokyo Silence
03 Ringo Orenji - Mikan
04 Dakini Mandarava - Spring Awakening
05 Jimi Shaker - Mercredi
06 Saahir - Exhale
07 Alex Rivera - La Onda
08 J. Martinson - Signed
09 Class A+ - Into The Dawn
10 Tiger Tanaka - Aki
11 Dakini Mandarava - The Flow Of Qi
12 Sato - Koritsu
13 Heritage - The Tower
14 Three Pillows - Heavenlee
15 Manadarava & Miyagi - Inner Silence

CD 2
01 Richard Rossbach - Gymnopedie
02 Miyagi - Kyoto Garden
03 Dakini Mandarva - Mother Earth
04 Digi Molekular - After The Storm
05 Two Kings - Combined
06 Yoshi-San - Saru
07 Mandarava & Miyagi - Asian Lights
08 Gifutu-Chekku - Yasul
09 Benicio Del Cristo - Cordulita
10 Two Kings - Waves
11 Walter Hallert - Rise
12 Rosewood Station - Tamago
13 Cinemascope - Another Advice
14 Deleerious 3 - Inspiration
15 Destination - Die Lichtung


Lounge del Mar
(this was a gift from my friend Phoenorix, ty m8)

Seoan - Chill in India (2004)
(originally uploaded by Mountpoint. regards ^^)


New Age
New Age music is always good, because is just like Chill out but with a stronger effect.

Karunesh - The Wanderer
originally posted by s@ntana (a huge thanks, this was my first album of new age)

MP3 192Kbps | 58:18 Min
info wrote:
Karunesh was born in 1956 in Cologne, Germany, as Bruno Reuter.
Since his early childhood he had a strong connection with music and performed in
various teenager music bands. He studied Graphic Design, graduated but always felt that this was not what he really wanted in life. After a serious motor accident in which he was nearly killed, he decided to quit his job. This "near death" experience proved to be a spiritual turning point in his life. Karunesh traveled to India where he met Osho in his ashram in Poona. He became initiated and took on a new spiritual name, Karunesh, a Sanskrit name meaning "compassion".
He issued his debut LP, Sounds of the Heart, in 1984, and never looked back.
Karunesh was remarkably consistent over the next 20 years, releasing numerous albums influenced by the windy landscape of world music and punctuated with breathy flutes, introspective guitars, and hints of vocal and electronics. He worked with the Nightingale, Oreade, Etherean, and Real Music imprints, among others; album highlights include Heart Chakra Meditation (1992), Secrets of Life (first issued in 1996), and 2001's Zen Breakfast, which leaned toward the new age subgenre of music for massage/relaxation.

track list wrote:
01 - The Wanderer
02 - Spirits In The Forest
03 - Call Of The Unknown
04 - Beyong The Horizon
05 - Morning Glory
06 - River Dance
07 - Earth And Sky
08 - A Journey Of The Heart
09 - Sweet Lullaby
10 - Coming Home


Sounds of Nature - Fresh Country Rain
originally posted by s@ntana (thx)

This one is a mix between a thunder storm with a lullaby.


Raphael - Music To Disappear In
originally posted by s@ntana (thx again :P)

New Age | 1988 | 192 kbps, mp3

track list wrote:
01. Disappearing Into You 08:48
02. In Paradiso 05:06
03. Resurrection 08:09
04. In Paradiso 03:16
05. Primitive Silence 02:09
06. Serpent 08:43
07. I Say Rock And Roll Prayers To A Dancing God 07:00
08. Spirit Guides 07:01
09. Silence 03:40


The Future Sound of Ambient
originally posted by santatino (cheers for this alternative double album)

Volume One


Volume Two

Ulrich Schnauss
(i cant remember the original poster of this one, i got these songs for so long on my pc :S)
Album Goodbye
+ songs

All uploads were made by me, so the password for all files is:

Please download, and remember: saying thx takes 1 minute for you and grants the update of this topic with new albums.

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[RS.COM] Best calm music -> 2 GB and counting
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