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 Spam Buster v1.10.2

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PostSubyek: Spam Buster v1.10.2   Fri Jun 26, 2009 11:25 am

                  Spam Buster v1.10.2                 

  Publisher URL :                       
      Publisher : Contact Plus                                     

    Spam Buster requires a POP3 email account such as provided     
    from a local internet service provider and does not support     
    proprietary email such as AOL , Compuserve, MSN, Juno, or       
    web-based mail accounts such as Yahoo, or Hotmail.  To use     
    Spam Buster you customize the filters for selecting exactly     
    which emails you want deleted. Based upon your filters you     
    can keep get rich quick schemes and pornographic email out     
    of your email box. It's easy to add new filters to the list     
    to keep out the ever growing realm of junk email. Plus Spam     
    Buster comes with a list of over 17,000 known spammers. Spam     
    Buser uses DNS lookup to validate the domain name portion of     
    the email address. Spam Buster scans up to 12 unique email       
    accounts and can run in the background through the system       
    tray, checking your email periodically for new messages         
    every so many minutes. Spam Buster even provides                 
    comprehensive statistics and charts of how often you're         
    getting spammed!   

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Spam Buster v1.10.2
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