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 [RS] Funkadelic - Let's Take It To The Stage (1975)

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PostSubyek: [RS] Funkadelic - Let's Take It To The Stage (1975)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 11:08 am

Funkadelic - Let's Take It To The Stage (1975)

One of Funkadelic's goofiest releases, Let's Take It to the Stage also contains more P-Funk all-time greats as well, making for a grand balance of the serious and silly. Perhaps the silliest is at the end -- there's not much else one can call the extended oompah/icing rink start of "Atmosphere." The title track is as much a call to arms as "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow" is, but with a more direct musical performance and a more open nod to party atmospheres (not to mention the source of one of Andrew Dice Clay's longest-running bits). The targets of the band's good-natured wrath are, in fact, other groups -- "Hey, Fool and the Gang! Let's take it to the stage!" There's no mistaking the track that immediately follows makes it even more intense -- "Get off Your Ass and Jam" kicks in with one bad-ass drum roll and then scorches the damn place down, from guitar solo to the insanely funky bass from Bootsy Collins. It may only be two and a half minutes long, but it alone makes the album a classic. Hearing Collins' unmistakable tones is usually enough to get anything on the crazy tip, but "Be My Beach" just makes it all the more fun, as does the overall air of silly romance getting nuttier as it goes. "Good to Your Earhole" sets the outrageous mood just right -- it's one of the band's tightest monsters of funk, guitars sprawling all over the place even as the heavy-hitting rhythm doesn't let one second of groove get lost. Of course, there's also one totally notorious number to go with it, but "No Head No Backstage Pass" has one of the craziest rhythms on the whole album, not to mention lip-smackingly nutty lines delivered with the appropriate leer.


   1.   Good to Your Earhole 
   2.   Better by the Pound 
   3.   Be My Beach
   4.   No Head No Backstage Pass 
   5.   Let's Take It to the Stage
   6.   Get Off Your Ass and Jam 
   7.   Baby I Owe You Something Good 
   8.   Stuffs & Things
   9.   Song Is Familiar, The
   10.   Atmosphere 

Download link, no pass:

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[RS] Funkadelic - Let's Take It To The Stage (1975)
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