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 [FLAC/MP3] Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything To Nothing

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PostSubyek: [FLAC/MP3] Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything To Nothing   Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:24 am

Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything To Nothing

Genre: Indie
Year: 2009

Wanna listen first?

Quote :
The mountain of hype leading up to the release of %u201CMean Everything To Nothing%u201D was undeniably overwhelming. It%u2019s almost frustrating when expectations are raised to a level almost unsurpassable, and keeping a level head when it%u2019s review time is nearly impossible.

On the wonderful day I acquired an advance of this album, I felt a surge of affinity for music in general. From the moment the album starts, a sort of organic energy is unearthed. Immediately, I could recall the interviews with MO brainchild Andy Hull in which he stated the album would be aggressive and in-your-face. Truly, %u201CMean Everything To Nothing%u201D quickly strays from the more laid back, tranquil sounds of their highly (and rightfully) acclaimed predecessor %u201CI%u2019m Like A Virgin Losing A Child.%u201D The songs on %u201CMean%u2026%u201D burst forth with melody and blistering guitars, and Hull%u2019s voice often powerfully strains out emotion in rare form these days.

%u201CMean Everything%u201D moves from good to great, however, not by its aggressive bursts of energy and harmony alone. It%u2019s the band%u2019s clear sense of dynamics in song structure and their clear sense of clarity that pushes this album to the next level.

Regarding the band%u2019s dynamics, take the crescendos and the sense of slow building present in almost every song. This straight forward structure consistently invites listeners on an exciting, moving journey. Even when the songs tend to remain loud, the sense of building and gradual explosiveness is present. Take "I%u2019ve Got Friends,%u201D for example. In the first chorus, Hull belts out a loud harmony, but when it hits the second, and the third time, the chorus is gradually filled with a collective of harmonies yelling all along. The other power track, %u201CI Can Feel A Hot One%u201D quickly reminds even less keen listeners of Brand New%u2019s %u201CJesus Christ,%u201D with a beautiful melody that builds over a clear, simple guitar line.

%u201CMean Everything To Nothing%u201D brings to the table a sense of naked clarity. Songs like %u201CTony The Tiger%u201D float along with tranquil, straightforward pop harmonies over swooning guitars and drums. On the title track, I feel completely satisfied with the precision of Hull and co%u2019s ability to create cohesive vocal melodies. The closing track might be the epitome of what makes Hull a formidable front man. At once, he reminds he is capable of delivering at one moment a delicate croon, and at the next, a sharp, raspy bellowing%u2014both packed full of emotion.

Even despite the band%u2019s obvious talent, hype, and overwhelmingly positive live show, Manchester Orchestra hit home for me on a different reason altogether. This record is reminiscent of a time when music was entirely different than it is now. Fluidity, pop sensibility, and blissfully simple song structure over raw, pleasantly untouched distorted guitars is a thing of the past. Instead of turning to studio production tricks to help bring color to the music, %u201CMean Everything to Nothing%u201D has a production that balances modern recording technology with unrefined, pure sounds perfectly. Whether it%u2019s the tranquil, crisp vocal lines on %u201CI Can Feel A Hot One%u201D or the barely audible hand claps on %u201CEverything To Nothing,%u201D form flawlessly meets function on this record.

%u201CMean Everything to Nothing%u201D is undoubtedly going to hit many music enthusiasts best-of lists for 2009, and I am sorry to disappoint, but I will be no different. I%u2019ve even pushed myself towards exhaustion listening to this record so many times; I wore out way before this record even broke a sweat.

    1. The Only One (2:39)
    2. Shake It Out (5:11)
    3. I've Got Friends (4:57)
    4. Pride (5:47)
    5. In My Teeth (4:42)
    6. 100 Dollars (1:50)
    7. I Can Feel a Hot One (4:19)
    8. My Friend Marcus (3:41)
    9. Tony the Tiger (3:09)
    10. Everything to Nothing (5:37)
    11. The River (5:58)
    12. Jimmy, He Whispers* (4:09)
    Playing Time: 52:04

I split the hidden track from "The River" on the mp3 files so it doesn't encode 320 straight through like 3 minutes of silence. But "Jimmy, He Whispers" isn't a separate track on the lossless version. It's like 3 minutes after "The River" is over. Smile


FLAC (Lossless)

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Ripped Using: X Lossless Decoder
Quality: Lossless, (avg. compression: 64 %)
Channels: Stereo / 44100 HZ / 16 Bit
Contains: LOG, CUE
Total Size: 348.53 MB


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High Quality MP3

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Codec: LAME 3.98
Encoding: CBR 320kbps
Channels: Stereo / 44100 hz
Tags: ID3v2.3
Total Size: 119.2 MB


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Codec: LAME 3.98
Encoding: V0 (--vbr-new) (avg bitrate: VBR ~304K/s)
Channels: Joint Stereo / 44100 hz
Tags: ID3v2.3
Total Size: 101.9 MB


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[FLAC/MP3] Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything To Nothing
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